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10211 Baltimore Ave. Suite A1
College Park, Maryland(MD) 20740
Office: 301-474-7452
Fax: 301-474-2190
Hours: M-F 8am - 5pm /
Sat 9am - 3pm

Quick and Easy Way to Get a Tag or Title for a Car or Truck

There is no more need to spend a day trying to get a tag or title for a vehicle at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA). Tags and titles for a vehicle can be easily and quickly obtained at Auto Care Tag and Title. Auto Care Tag and Title has been offering this service since 2002 with usually only a five minute wait for service. To make things even easer their website has all the different forms available for download. They can then be filled in and then faxed to Auto Care Tag and Title. This is a well thought out method of making things more efficient and convenient.

Get Your Tags and Title Today.

Need a copy of a motor vehicle record, simply download, fill it in and fax it back. The same goes for getting personalized licence plates or applying for a vehicle title for car. If there is a form to be filled out regarding an automobile it can be found on this site. This makes it filling out any of the forms easer. It can be done at home or the office. This way there is no worry that some important information has been left at home or at the office. There is no need to make several trips to pick up the form, fill it in and return it.

Get Your Tags and Title Today.

This helps people save time and just makes getting a tag or title for a vehicle a lot easier for people who live in Maryland. It helps people coming out of state the most. They can find out what they need from the web site, without having to be in Maryland. Then get all the paper work ready for when they move to Maryland. This is a big help because there is a time limit of 60 days to have their car or truck registered. After 60 days they can receive a citation for having an out of state registration. Being able to use Auto Care Tag and Title website makes it easy to be ready before they even move. It is convenient to use online and in person and makes it possible to void some headaches and hassles.

Get Your Tags and Title Today.