Having a tough time getting your vehicle renewed in Maryland?

Tired of waiting in long queues at the MVA?

Why go though all this trouble when you have a simpler solution?

With years of experience in offering reliable and affordable services, Auto Care Tag and Title is licensed by the State of Maryland to provide vehicle renewal and registration services within the state. We offer apportioned, commercial and exempt registration services for all kinds of vehicles.

With our well-organized workflow, you are rest assured that you are paying for real, value-added registration and renewal services. Due to the right contacts, updated information on rules and a skilled team of experts, we are able to offer you world-class services at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Our experts guide you through the entire vehicle renewal process and handle all the paperwork. We make sure that you receive the new registration card within 10 days.

Remember the Rules

While applying for vehicle renewal, always remember to follow the basic rules and to produce the right documents. It will make things simpler for us and a lot easier and faster for you.

Here are the documents you must produce along with the renewal application:

  • Driver┬álicense

  • Old registration card

  • Proof of insurance

If you are currently in default with the MVA for non-compliance you will have to approach an MVA full-service agency for vehicle renewal. Here are some of the non-compliance issues:

  • Red light tickets

  • Insurance violations

  • State Police repair orders

  • Administrative fees

All other flags issued by MVA for non-compliance

All vehicles in Maryland have to be renewed every 2 years. The next time your vehicle is due for renewal, come to us and experience the easiest and fastest renewal process possible.